‘Ricki & the Flash’ Adds an Exciting New Cast Member Who Will Be Right in His Element

Every time I hear more news about the Meryl Streep/Diablo Cody/Jonathan Demme team-up Ricki and the Flash, my brain has the exact same response it did the first time: "HOMG is this actually happening? It is? It's actually happening? This isn't a dream?" And it is happening. It really is. And Ricki and the Flash just added Rick Springfield for some real life rock star flavor.

In case you aren't quite as obsessed with this movie as I am, Ricki and the Flash stars Meryl Streep as an aging rock star, is written by Academy Award winner for Juno Cody, and is directed by Demme who has his own Oscar statue for The Silence of The Lambs. We already know Streep can sing, but she's also been at rock star boot camp learning guitar for this movie. Now she'll have a pro by her side.

Rick Springfield, of course, is the musician behind the '80s classic "Jessie's Girl." He'll be in the movie adding some strong Rick vibes (Get it? 'Cause Streep's playing a rock star with a similar name), and will be playing a member of Ricki's band. Springfield's no stranger to acting himself. He has a bunch of credits, from The Incredible Hulk to a long run on General Hospital. He also played himself for a bit on Californication. And he, Streep, and Demme certainly look cozy and ready to rock out:

Ricki and the Flash is set to premiere June 26, 2015.