17 'Harry Potter' Fans Draw Their Patronuses & Dementors Better Watch Out — PHOTOS

If you want to really get to know someone in just a few seconds, there's only one question you need to ask them: "What's your patronus?" For Harry Potter fans, the answer means a lot. It goes deeper than what animal you think best represents you, or which species you relate to in some way — it's what animal is a stand-in for your happiest memories, that you would trust to protect you from a foreboding, dark beast threatening your very soul. So when I attended Universal Studios' "A Celebration of Harry Potter" event, I thought the best way to get to know fellow Harry Potter fans would be to find out what their patronuses are. To express themselves even further, I had everyone draw their chosen creatures.

Because unfortunately, we can't actually conjure a patronus by yelling "Expecto Patronum" and waving a wand in the muggle world. Instead, we have the crucial responsibility of choosing our own, and needless to say, it's a difficult decision. Luckily, the fans who attended "A Celebration of Harry Potter" not only understand the weight of this, but are more than willing to share this aspect of their identity with fellow Potterheads. And because I am a just, inclusive Hufflepuff, I made sure that all Hogwarts houses are represented. It's the only fair way to truly represent the fandom.

Below are 17 Harry Potter fans proudly showing their patronuses, and as you'll see, any dementors who may still roam the Earth should watch out.

McGonagall Would Be Proud

Slow & Steady

Cuddly, But Fierce

A Friend Of Lupin

Ready To Fight

A Magical Feline

"Sassy" Sea-Dweller

Dementors, Beware Of The Trunk

...And This Ferocious Ball Of Fur

Another Cat To Prevent The Kiss Of Death

Someone To Lend A Paw

Or Howl The Monsters Away

Some Patronuses Breathe Fire

While Others Stick To Water

Those Ears Will Block All Evil

This Patronus Prefers The Night Shift

And This One Will Hop You To Safety

Just like no two wands made by Ollivander are the same, every Harry Potter fan has a unique take on their patronus that reflects what makes them the witch or wizard they are.

Images: Warner Brothers; Samantha Rullo, Christine DiStasio/Bustle (17)