You Won't Believe Who "Models" In These Ads

Flipping through the average couture fashion magazine, one is often greeted by ad campaigns featuring models who are exceptional at looking beautiful — but seem to have a dearth of other talents. In defiance of such surface values, Fusion's Elisa Rodríguez-Vila created a series of enlightened, faux ad campaigns which pair high-fashion with empowered women who exude intelligence and business acumen.

Amongst the chosen few models, or "super women," as Rodriguez-Vila calls them, are a Versace-clad Laverne Cox, a Chanel-ified Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a Saint Laurent-sporting Roxane Gay.

Rodríguez-Vila further illuminated her reasoning in an email to The Huffington Post, writing,

This doesn't mean I think models are completely void of intellect or live totally un-interesting lives... Women who are older, or who don't fit into the traditional standards of beauty and gender can make amazing models, and shouldn't be excluded.

The writer admitted her inspiration stemmed from Celine's recruitment of the talented Joan Didion, whose work and accomplishments, Rodríguez-Vila felt, increased the author's charisma and made her the ultimate, intriguing model. Beauty is all well and good, but I must agree with Rodríguez-Vila's assessment of what should serve as criteria for top models. After all, what does it matter what fashions you wear on your head if they're not a complement to the impressive brain underneath?

Image: HuffPostStyle/Twitter