'Glee's' Promo For Finn's Farewell Episode Is Heart-Wrenchingly Sad

I knew that Finn's farewell episode of Glee would be an emotional experience, but I don't think I was prepared for just how tough even the promo would be to watch. But here it is — a mere 30-second teaser for the Glee 's "The Quarterback," and I'm feeling all sorts of sad. That shot of Lea Michele crying as she's embraced by Mr. Schue in front of a memorial for Finn is heart-wrenching, especially when paired with Lea Michele singing through her tears in the background. This is going to hurt.

Not much has been revealed about the episode, except that it'll be a "celebration of Finn's life," and thus, Cory Monteith's as well. Previously, Finn's death was supposed to be attributed to drug abuse, like Cory's was, but it's not clear if producers and writers ultimately chose to run with that plot. The episode, however, will focus on the reactions of those who knew Finn at William McKinley High School.

If you didn't catch it when it was released a few days ago, here's the full synopsis for the episode:

You can check out the promo below. "The Quarterback" will air on Oct. 10, on Fox.


[Image via Fox]