Who Died In 'Game of Thrones' Season 4? The 13 Most Shocking Deaths In Recent Westeros History

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The time has come to get really really excited. Game of Thrones recently released a two-minute trailer for Season 5, which premieres on April 12, and it looks like there are tons of insane plot twists to come. It gives away enough to quench our Khaleesi-loving thirsts, for now, while still remaining vague about what will happen to the residents of Westeros. But before we can even ponder things like, Is the Hound really dead? and Will we get to see Ser Pounce again?, we should go back to Season 4.

The whole season was bananas and quite a few people croaked. Some deaths were sad, some I cheered for, and the rest were needlessly graphic, while still giving me panic giggles. Here are the 13 Game of Thrones Season 4 deaths I did not see coming (sorry, book readers).

Image: Macall B. Polay/HBO

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