5 Valentine's Day Crafts To Make With Candy Hearts

by Corinne Caputo

While puppies are definitely the best Valentine's day gift ever, candy is a close second. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, this is the best time to stock up on candy. Well, all candy except conversation hearts, obviously. It's no secret that these tiny hearts are cute, but not entirely delicious. In fact, I'd take a thousand butterscotch candies from the bottom of my grandmother's purse, or worse, dessert mints, over a box of these Valentine's Day messages.

While they might be an adorable way to tell someone you like them, I would much prefer a good box of chocolate or again, dessert mints, as an offer of affection. The colorful treats, however, do make the perfect material for a Valentine's Day DIY. They're colorful, sweet (both literally and figuratively), and will definitely brighten up someone's day. As long as they are not consumed.

If you have a box of these famous hearts collecting dust at home, try out these crafts to finally put them to use, or at the very least, finally throw them away. From super cute seasonal accessories to home decor to the sweetest game of bingo you've ever played in your life, here are five cute Valentine's Day DIY ideas to help you use up the rest of your candy heart stash.

1. Heart Shades

Love is so blinding, you'll probably need shades. You can become the heart eyes emoji IRL with this sweet craft from Studio DIY. It is both functional and adorable.

2. Heart Pinatas

Give any leftover conversation hearts away in these adorably tiny pinatas, also from StudioDIY.

3. Heart Wreath

Turn the candy into an adorable wreath to greet friends and lovers alike.

4. Heart Bingo

This super simple DIY is the perfect way to turn candy hearts into something everyone can enjoy.

And finally, you can just make...

5. Heart Treats That Are Actually Delicious

Alright, so these aren't made with conversation hearts, they're just inspired by them. But still, they're completely adorable. Make these homemade graham cracker conversation hearts from The Merry Thought.

Images: StudioDIY (2); The Merry Thought