Kelly Clarkson's "Heartbreak Song" Video Takes You On Life's Romantic Journey, So Here's A Map From Start To Finish — VIDEO

This Valentine's Day, we have found our Aphrodite. Kelly Clarkson is clearly our goddess of love, controlling all the cupids and ruling over whether you and I will find romantic love out in the universe. This has been made very clear by Clarkson's video for her latest single "Heartbeat Song," which follows the end of several relationships into the creation of several new ones. It's either a contemplation on the life cycle of love, or one on the fiendish, benevolent control Kelly Clarkson holds over all of our love lives. (Don't listen to Kelly Clarkson? Too bad, she is still ruling over who you fall in love with.)

The spectre of Clarkson looms large and multi-colored in the "Heartbreak Song" video, singing tales of destruction, creation, and the consistent beat of our hearts. Basically everyone in this video, save match-making love goddess Clarkson, starts out here as if they're coming straight out of the "Behind These Hazel Eyes" music video, torn into pieces and unable to deny it or pretend. Their hearts have been stomped on, basically, and they're understandably none too happy about it. They're broken up, deep inside and also literally.

So Everyone's Super Bummed In the Beginning

These people are not having a fun time.

Neither is this girl.

This guy seems a bit out-of-a-home.

Better than a post-it? Maybe?

This guy's especially :(

Basically everything sucks for everybody except for rainbow-floatin' Kelly Clarkson.

But then...

New Love Appears In the Form Of Many Meet-Cutes

Turns out this isn't really a break-up song.

Meeting someone over coffee is always fun.

As is meeting people over dogs. I mean, did you see 101 Dalmations?

And Then Everyone's Reminded That Love Will Find A Way

Hearts move on.

Snacks are a crucial part of the process.

As is alcohol.

As is dancing. Awwwwww.

And we all have Kelly Clarkson to thank for it.

Images: kellyclarksonVEVO/YouTube