Chaz Ebert's Letter to Roger Ebert Will Give You Your Daily Cry

It has been six months since renowned film critic Roger Ebert passed away, and while movie fans everywhere miss him, we can hardly identify with the sense of loss felt by Ebert's wife, Chaz. On Friday morning she posted a letter to Ebert's still active website, called "For Roger, Six Months Later." It's about as heartbreaking and beautiful as you'd expect. In the letter, Chaz remembers her husband and describes how difficult it has been to live without him:

To end the letter, she also recalls the time leading up to his death and the final moments they shared together:

The letter is filled with emotion, but Chaz doesn't let it become something to just cry over. Instead, it's a tribute to her late husband's legacy and a way of sharing her loss with those that also mourn him. The letter also describes some of the ways that the website,, will remember its founder. The site will jumpstart a series called "My Favorite Roger" that allows fans to share their favorite article of his and why. The site will also report on the memorials being held for him, as well as the history of his TV shows with Gene Siskel.

Chaz is making us all cry, but she's also found many touching ways to honor Roger. It was undoubtedly difficult for her to share some of this, but by finding the strength to do so, she is helping to ensure that his legacy continues.