Lance Loves Calling Michael His "Husband"

Their wedding is the ceremony we can't stop talking about, because who doesn't love to see romance come to life? On Thursday, E! is airing Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding, which, obviously, follows the wedding of Lance Bass and Michael Turchin. They have been promoting the show recently, and that includes an interview with GLAAD. During Bass and Turchin's chat, Bass expressed how much he loves calling Turchin his "husband."

Why does he love it so much? Well, because it makes him feel like a "whole person" and no longer like a "second class citizen." He says there is a big difference between calling someone your "husband" compared to "civil partner." As Turchin says, "husband" might seem like such a simple word, but there is a lot of "weight" to the word.

They make the point in a great way, which I hope will open others' eyes, who have yet to give this much thought. Think about it: straight people have been able to call one another "husband" and "wife" for years and years and years. And some individuals have taken the fact that they have a right to call their spouse "husband" and "wife" for granted. The two words have become common terms and part of most people's everyday vocabulary. Having that right is something special that we all should embrace.

It's refreshing to see how Bass and Turchin talk about being a married couple, how it's changed them, and how they hope to impact others. They've definitely done that by showing how happy they are to now have the right to marry the person they love.