Adrienne Bailon Engaged To Lenny Santiago & Her Announcement Was Ridiculously Adorable — VIDEO

There's some happy news for one former Cheetah Girl: Adrienne Bailon is engaged to Lenny Santiago. And, she made the announcement in grand (not to mention, adorable) fashion on The Real.

Bailon and Santiago — who's an executive at Def Jam Records — have been private about their six-year relationship, a direct result of the fallout that came after Bailon's failed relationship with Rob Kardashian (some of which was filmed for Keeping Up the Kardashians). As Bailon told Latina Magazine:

She also talked about her desire to "settle down:"

So sweet! And totally in line with her surprise announcement, which will air during Monday's episode of The Real: During the filming, Bailon surprised her The Real co-hosts with the announcement (as well as the ring), and explained how the engagement went down. Get ready to aww more, too, because it's sort of adorable: Apparently, Santiago "convinced" Bailon not to stay in one night and to go out to dinner with him and her family. When they got to the restaurant, however, it was empty, and Santiago gave a sweet speech to Bailon's parents about how much he loves her before popping the question — with a box of carrots. When Bailon least expected it, however, Santiago presented the ring...and the rest is history.

Check out the video below. Congrats to the happy couple!