'Glee' "Transitioning" Spoilers In Promo Photos Reveal Old Favorites Returning To The Fold

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This Friday Glee pays tribute to musical legend Burt Bacharach, the six-time Grammy winning and three-time Oscar winning songwriter behind 73 Top-40 hits throughout the 1950s-'80s, mostly for Whitney Houston's cousin Dionne Warwick. But while "What The World Needs Now" is sure to be a sweet episode full of classic old tunes, it's next week's Glee episode, titled "Transitioning," that has me even more intrigued.

The official images Fox released for "Transitioning" show that Episode 7 will be chock-full of familiar faces that pop up in unexpected ways. Who's making a surprise return? Who's going through a major life change? I've attached selections from the episode's official summary to each image to make sense of what we're seeing. Scroll through to get all the scoop on what's ahead!

Image: Greg Gayne/Fox

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