Get To Know 'Sister Wives' Mykelti Brown

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The teenaged children of TLC's Sister Wives really do deserve their own spinoff shows. They're sassy, they're fun, and let's face it — their lives are way more interesting than whatever it is their parents are currently rambling on about. Wouldn't you be way more interested in someone's college experience than having to listen to Robyn talk about My Sisterwife's Closet one more time? And their social media accounts only make me want to be friends with them even more. Most recently, I've discovered Mykelti Brown's Twitter and Instagram, and I have to admit it: As much as I disagree with the Browns' lifestyle choices, they do tend to raise solid kids who I'd totally want to be friends with.

Unfortunately, Mykelti is one of the Brown kids who hasn't gotten a ton of screen time, even though she totally deserves it. With all the family drama going on, it'd be impossible to focus on each kid, but it's time we get to know the older ones now that they're slowly beginning to leave the very expensive cul de sac nest and start lives of their own. And as for Mykelti? Her Instagram makes me want to go back and do college all over again.

She's Still Interested In Fashion

Remember when Mykelti brought her portfolio to a fashion designer, looking for an internship? She hasn't given up, and it looks like one of her more recent projects has been designing clothing out of book pages... and I kind of love it. Hard to wear? Yes. Looks awesome? Also yes.

She Shares Adorable Throwback Photos Of Her Family

This is the blondest group of babies and toddlers I have ever seen in my life — predictable, being that Christine is their mom. I want an updated version of this photo, in the same outfits and everything... regardless of how humiliating that might be.

She Has Impeccable Taste In Books & Movies

If Mykelti ever wants to start a John Green book club, I'm totally in. Who wants to discuss the Paper Towns movie with me?

She Shares The Cutest Texts From Her Fam

Now that I've realized how adorable Gwendlyn is, I want her to get her own spinoff show, too. How perfect is this? I also love that Mykelti keeps in touch with her family while she's at school. Most precious family ever.

Image: mykeltib/Instagram