What's Up With 'Sister Wives' Maddie Brown? She's Definitely Cool Enough For Her Own Spinoff

I don't know about you, but I am seriously hoping for a Sister Wives spinoff starring only the older kids. I kind of wish they were all my friends. Most recently, I discovered that Aspyn is basically all of us, and now, I'm convinced that Maddie Brown would be a great best friend. She's always been one of my favorites of the Browns' kids, and I've totally been able to identify with her. When she was bitter about the move her parents made from Utah to Las Vegas, it reminded me a lot of how I felt when my parents moved from Florida to Georgia before my first year of middle school. And watching her transform from a sullen teenager to a happy, successful student body president was heartwarming, because my heart is just warmed by those kinds of things. And now, after learning more about her through her Twitter and Instagram, I really like Maddie.

TLC, please take this as my official petition for more of the older kids, especially now that many of them are in college and are living lives separately from their family. They are super interesting — way more interesting then their parents are. Need proof? I've got it.

Maddie Is Really Brave

I couldn't last 10 minutes without Instagram, let alone an entire month.

And She Knows What's Up

Maddie, where are you when Kaley Cuoco starts rambling on about how she's not a feminist? Maybe we should start sending celebs confused about what feminism is on over to you.

She Posts Great #TBTs

... and it's super adorable. Look how young Janelle is! And they look so much alike. I love it.

She's Crazy Talented

If I ever tried to draw Mulan, it would look a lot like a stick figure and nothing like Mulan. Props, Maddie. Can you try your hand at the Little Mermaid next? She's my fave.

She Watches Parenthood

Also known as the best show ever, and I can't even handle the fact that it's ending. I would love it if the Sister Wives kids grew up to have as strong a relationship as the Bravermans, because my family is tiny and I will never get to live that particular dream.

And Still Hangs Out With Her Sisters

So. Precious.

Image: madison_rose11/Instagram