Charlie Sheen Got Selma Blair Fired from 'Anger Management'

Everytime Charlie Sheen throws a tantrum, someone gets fired. When he was on Two and a Half Men, he lost his own job, but now at FX's Anger Management, where he is the only man, Selma Blair was fired from hers. Following reports that Sheen was upset over comments Blair made about his work ethic to producers, Lionsgate issued a statement confirming that Blair will not return to the show. Questioning Charlie Sheen's work ethic? I can't possibly imagine why — he just seems so professional.

This will cause major changes for the show, as Blair played a main character, Sheen's therapist, which is kind of central to Anger Management's entire premise. Maybe they'll take a page from Two and a Half Men — after all, death by trainwreck would be accurate when working with Sheen.