What's Kristen Wiig Doing At The Grammys?!

Even though Sia has been writing and creating music for years, 2014 was the year she truly broke out. Her heart-stopping swift kick to the gut single "Chandelier" was everywhere in 2014, and I'm certainly not complaining. The breakout artists had four nominations this year including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Music Video. Her mini muse Maddie Ziegler has also become an equal sensation, creating stunning dances and physical expressions of Sia's music. Needless to say, her performance at this year's Grammys was as memorable, emotional, and stunning as you'd expect. Though I will admit I wish Jim Carey and Kate McKinnon could have somehow been involved, what we got actually turned out to be even better: Kristen Wiig!

Wiig danced with Ziegler in a re-created version of the crumbling apartment in the "Chandelier" video. What was most fascinating about the performance was not just that Sia spent the whole performance facing a wall, but that Wiig's dancing was taken 100% seriously. There wasn't a hint of irony or mockery in her whole body and it was actually quite moving. It looks like Wiig's move towards becoming a more serious, experimental actor are really taking hold.

What was perhaps most confounding about Sia's Grammys appearance was the introduction by Shia LaBeouf (the controversial actor appeared in her music video for "Elastic Heart" along with Ziegler). LaBeouf's introduction appeared to be poetry or lyrics of his own — considering his experiences in performance and studio art, the bit could be just another piece of his repertoire.

But let's not forget: Wiig forever.

Image: Giphy