The Grammys in GIFs, So You Don't Have to Watch

There are few things that express pop culture — and my many emotions in general — better than a well-placed GIF. If you can't match every emotion you feel with a corresponding GIF, we probably can't be friends. And not only are they perfect for daily life, but I also love a good GIF that helps me relive my favorite moments from award shows season. The Golden Globes are best captured in moving images, and the same is true of the Grammys. Even before the show started, we already knew there would be plenty of Beyonce, and who wouldn't want to capture the queen forever? Luckily for us all, I was right: As it turned out, the 2015 Grammys had a lot of perfectly GIF-able moments.

Between the performances, the acceptance speeches, and Taylor Swift's awkward dancing in the audience, everything was captured via GIF before the end of the night. Missed the Grammys? Want to laugh/cry/be amazed at music's biggest night all over again? This is your chance, friends. This is your chance. These are some of the best moments, captured in looping images for all eternity — or at least while this crop of celebs are still relevant. Let's get this party started!

Less than 10 minutes in, Katy Perry was having a blast

And Gaga was gettin' it during AC/DC's performance.

Can we talk about how adorable these two were on the red carpet?

Not as adorable as these two, though.

And Taylor Swift had the opportunity to use her catchphrase.

Before she hugged Sam Smith.

Can I get in on this?

And obviously, Miranda Lambert killed it and looked amazing.

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj fangirled hard for Madonna

And Beyonce won the first Grammy of the night and thanked us all.

Taylor Swift obviously got down with her bad self.

More than once.

Paul McCartney was basically all of our dads.

Pharell made "Happy" the scariest song ever.

But at least it gave us this guy.

If Katy Perry's performance didn't make you cry, you're lying.

Especially when domestic abuse activist Brooke Axtell told her story.

Gaga and Tony Bennett danced cheek to cheek. And it. Was. Precious.

And we can't pretend this performance wasn't ridiculously epic.

Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige together was an awesome idea.

And in the best move ever, Kanye West hopped on stage when Beyonce lost Album of the Year to Beck.

Speaking of Kanye West? It's all good with Taylor Swift.

And Kristin Wiig made an appearance during Sia's performance, wearing a Sia Wiig.

Sam Smith unsurprisingly won Record of the Year.

And Beyonce closed out the show in the best way possible.

Grammys 2015? #Success.

Images: mattsgifs/Tumblr, high-colors/Tumblr, Giphy (7), dailydot/Tumblr (6), MTV/Tumblr, s7eep/Tumblr, ryanseacrest/Tumblr, huffingtonpost/Tumblr, ohsoswiftly/Tumblr