So What's Happening With Pratt's Indy?

It was recently rumored that America's handsome-doofy-bro-sweetheart Chris Pratt might play Indiana Jones in a reboot of the classic series. It's a move that immediately seemed like perfect casting even among the usual reactions of fatigue against Hollywood's endless parade of reboots. But there was a voice missing from the reactions, and it was kind of an important one: Pratt himself hadn't weighed in on the rumor. Until now. Kind of.

According to Comic Book Movie, Pratt's first comment on the rumor came during some press he was doing around his Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award. And I have to say, it was a pretty measly response: Pratt simply commented that it would be an "awesome opportunity."

So so far there's nothing about whether or not this is something that Disney has actually offered Pratt, or even whether or not Disney's actually planning to reboot Indiana Jones. This is not very helpful, Chris Pratt. One rumor that cropped up before Pratt burst into contention was that Bradley Cooper would be taking on Indy, with Screenrant's Sandy Schaefer writing that Disney was approaching the reboot with caution but wanted to "[reboot] the IP (a la how the James Bond franchise is continuously rebooted)."

So what's actually happening with Indiana Jones? Who knows, basically. But let us find solace in the fact that Pratt's already got a busy schedule filming a lot of awesome stuff to distract us from the unknown.