Yo, Beyoncé Had The Best Album Of All Time

Listen. Listen. I'm aware that I might love Beyoncé a little too much. I know that my love for Queen Bey is unreal and bleeds into everything I do. I mean, I mention Beyoncé even in articles having nothing to do with Beyoncé. So, believe me, I was four five seconds from wildin' when Beyoncé lost the Grammy for Album of the Year to Beck. I'm not saying that Beck isn't a very talented musician and that he didn't have a phenomenal album, but he's no Beyoncé. And, apparently, I'm not the only one who felt this way. In fact, Kanye West jokingly tried to rush the stage to snatch that Grammy out of Beck's hands and give it to its rightful owner. (Beyoncé.) I mean, Kanye was just kidding, but come on. How did Queen Bey not have this Grammy in the bag?

As the Queen herself sings on Nicki Minaj's "Feeling Myself," she changed the game when that digital dropped. BEYONCÉ was a surprise album that broke iTunes with the number of people trying to download it at once, despite the fact that Beyoncé released it with absolutely no promotion or warning or anything. How many artists do you know who can just casually upload an album onto the Internet one morning and have it break iTunes? Only one. Only Beyoncé. So how did she lose album of the year? Kanye wasn't going to stand for it, and the people are just plain confused.

All right, Kanye can't exactly pull the same move twice even though it was a different category and different awards show this time around. And, much like last time, Beyoncé wouldn't have appreciated the stunt. However, Kanye's joking move did kind of symbolize the general emotion that everyone seems to be experiencing right now as they try in vain to understand how Beyoncé isn't holding Blue Ivy in one arm and the Grammy for Album of the Year in the other. How did this happen? What world are we living in? Who wouldn't give Beysus a Grammy just for showing up?

However, like I said, I hold no ill will toward Beck. Personally, I joined the other millennials in never having heard of him prior to this win and I am about to go and download his album just to see what about it made it so worthy of beating out the surprise album that broke iTunes when it dropped with no promotion. I just can't help but sympathize with my fellow members of the Beyhive who are left walking a cold and lonely road in a world where Beyoncé lost Album of the Year to anyone. At all. Ever. A cold and lonely road in which Beyoncé is not given the award just for being Beyoncé. A cold and lonely world in which Beyoncé is no longer the queen.

But perhaps I'm being overdramatic. One loss does not Queen status remove. Beyoncé is still the only person who can thank someone for saying she's Beyoncé, and have the people laugh and praise her rather than call her out on her ego. Beyoncé is still the only person Kanye West will leap onto a stage to defend — twice. Beyoncé is still the only person who can be Beyoncé, and she doesn't need to win Album of the Year in order to keep on being her amazing self. So, Beyhivers, it's time to put on the "Flawless (Remix)" and start reminding yourself that Beyoncé woke up like this. Grammyless, yes, but also flawless.