Free Killer Tan PSA by Mollie's Fund Equates Tanning Sessions With Death Through Mock Funeral, So, Yeah, It Gets The Point Across

Skin cancer kills. Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, but tanning beds can also cause skin cancer, which means they can kill you. That's pretty common knowledge in 2015. Free Killer Tan's new PSA, which equates tanning with death through a mock funeral doesn't even attempt to mask its intentions. But with an issue as serious and as preventable as skin cancer, you don't want information PSAs to be subtle softballs, right? The point is impactful and impossible to miss or to even misinterpret. Who needs euphemisms or niceties for something that's pretty deadly?

The "Free Killer Tan" spot, which was created by Mollie's Fund, a group that works to raise awareness about melanoma, is meant to scare tanning bed users straight. It's not even a celebration of pale skin. It's an in-your-face fear tactic.

In the PSA, unsuspecting people are offered a free tanning session. Oooh, free! Um, no. Upon receiving their towel and goggles, and entering the back room of the salon for the complimentary sesh, the tanners are subjected to a mock funeral, featuring themselves as the victims. They are met with sad organ music, flowers, pews, candles, and mourners. It's a full service salon and ad in more ways than one.

Pictures that were taken as they entered the salon are placed atop the coffins, so they get way more than they bargained for. It's a true "WTF?" moment for all those involved. In fact, many of the tannabes, who are both male and female, react as such.

It's certainly effective. You can't forget the message that 10,000 Americans die of melanoma annually and that one tanning session increases your chance of being affected by 20 percent. You think twice and tanning-by-bed doesn't seem so capricious or fun any longer.

Allure notes that the people lured to the faux salon under the premise of a free tan were pretty much punked and they really were. It might have been a bold way of reminded people that tanning is dangerous business, but it sure worked and didn't drift into inappropriate, Nationwide Insurance Super Bowl commercial territory.

Suddenly, a free killer tan has new meaning. Screw tanning beds and go with a spray tan if you can't live without a golden, sun-kissed glow.

Or be like me (or Scarlett Johansson or Reese Witherspoon or Tilda Swinton, whatever) and embrace your pale, porcelain, and pretty skin.

Free Killer Tan on YouTube

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