Is Freya Murderous On 'The Originals?'

When does this seemingly endless supply of Original family members run out? I'm obviously not complaining, but The Originals'Freya Mikaelson marks yet another introduction during the CW series' second season. Last Monday's episode, "Sanctuary," was the first time Freya identified herself and revealed her existence to another Mikaelson sibling. And now that we know that Freya is, in fact, alive and capable of serious magic, we have to wonder why she decided to show up in New Orleans now and whether or not she's working for Esther's sister, Dahlia. But, most importantly, the series will eventually ask whether or not Freya will kill Hope on The Originals Season 2 — which, at this point, the answer seems to be no.

There are very few things we know about Freya's existence both before and after she revealed herself to Rebekah last Monday. First, like Esther revealed earlier this season, that Freya grew up with Esther's blatantly evil sister, Dalia and second, that Freya knows all about the siblings that she was forced to be away from for all of these years — including their less-than-satisfactory behavior towards one another. Aside from those two details, however, we don't know much else about what Freya's been up to and whether or not she's even evil. Sure, she killed Cassie during "Sanctuary," but that doesn't mean she's evil and the fact that she's alive and away from Dalia might mean that she's a more powerful ally than threat. If Klaus can play his cards right, of course.

Aside from the Esther-like, creepy vibe I got off of Dalia, I also got the vibe of someone that, rather than raising hell, is interested in catching up on everything she missed after having to serve as payment for their existence.

So, will Freya try to kill baby Hope — if she can get to her before Finn, that unhinged madman? Absolutely not. As far as Freya's first appearance and her interaction with Rebekah, it doesn't seem like she's here on Dalia's orders to fulfill the second part of Esther's deal with her sister — that the first born child of her children will also belong to her sister. Actually, I'd be willing to bet my daylight ring on the fact that, because of her traumatic separation from siblings that she obviously knew existed, Freya will agree to help protect Hope from her aunt, rather than double-cross Klaus and take her away. Dalia's story about being desperate to see her family and her desire to get to know Rebekah before revealing herself during Monday's episode were telling about her arc on the series. She's not here to cause trouble, she might actually be here to solve all of the trouble — hopefully by getting rid of Finn and Mikael once and for all — and she sure as hell isn't here to kill any babies.

I might be being naïve, considering how many times Julie Plec has swept the rug out from under us, but something in Freya's conversation with Rebekah outside of the gates of the asylum they'd just escaped gave me a sincere vibe. I'm sure Freya hadn't heard good things about her siblings up until this point, but now that she's seen the best in Rebekah, I can see them bonding. Which would make it even more difficult for Freya to hurt Hope, considering Rebekah more or less raised her and is almost as attached to that hybrid baby as Klaus and Hayley are. There's just no way that Freya is going to be a villain this season because, honestly, there's quite enough of them in New Orleans already.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW; prettylittlegossipgleek, theoriginalsladies/Tumblr