Iggy's Pissed at This Fast Food Corporation

Iggy Azalea got way more than she bargained for when she ordered pizza from Papa John's. According to the "Black Widow" rapper, she ordered a cheese pizza from the chain, thinking nothing of it — until she began receiving phone calls and texts from relatives of Papa John's delivery person. It became clear to Azalea that her personal phone number was given out by this person, and so she took to Twitter to shame the company for what she calls a "data breach." The Papa John's official Twitter handle tweeted back at the celebrity with a "pseudo apology" — which included a cringe-worthy reference to Azalea's song "Bounce" — but the damage was done and Papa John's has officially lost one celebrity customer.

Some people may think that Azalea is overreacting to so-called "fans" calling and texting her phone number, but I'm happy that she's standing her ground. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean that they automatically lose their right to privacy. Azalea may be a public figure, but at the end of the day, she was a customer and deserved to have her personal information as protected as anyone else who used this service. This delivery person used their privileged position to give away Azalea's information without her consent, and it's not okay. Not like Azalea doesn't know that — she said it best with these on-point tweets.

Azalea may be a famous customer, but she has every right for her complaint to be taken seriously just as any other customer deserves. This isn't some silly celebrity Twitter feud over whether or not Papa John's stuffed crust had enough cheese in it — this is a privacy breach that should be taken seriously by the company. Giving out someone's phone number, address, or other personal info could pose a danger to that person and their information. It's not okay that this Papa John's employee broke the implied trust that a customer has for the company it shares its information with, and it's really not okay that Papa John's isn't giving her a real answer. Celebrities may have a lot of privileges, but privacy should be one that is far more protected than it is.