What If Wells Didn't Kill Nora On 'The Flash'?

There are lots of things we don't yet know about The Flash. There are a few things we do know, however, and one of those things is that Harrison Wells is Reverse-Flash. Another thing we know is that the first episode of The Flash clearly establishes that Barry Allen's mother, Nora, is killed in a streak of red and yellow lightning. Piecing these things together, yeah, that does kind of point to Wells being the yellow streak, and Nora dying at his hand. It's commonly accepted that Reverse-Flash is the culprit here, but is he really? Could someone besides Wells have killed Barry's mom on The Flash ? Honestly, doesn't it feel bad after a while blaming Wells for everything? In DC Comics, yes, Nora Allen is killed by Professor Zoom (just another version of Reverse-Flash) in a situation very similar to what we've seen on the show. There are some streaks of light, it's all blurry, and when everything is over Nora is dead. Now take into consideration that The Flash is bending the rules and characters for TV, so maybe they're going to do it a little bit differently. Maybe we're all viewing Wells as the villain right now, but his big redeeming moment is that he wasn't actually the one to kill Nora. If so, then who did?

From the list of characters we currently have to work with — including Wells — he does appear to fit the profile perfectly. It's foolish talk to even THINK about Joe being the one behind Nora's murder. Same thing with Eddie — even though his past is still very mysterious and up in the air. Unless the show is planning on doing a complete 180 and changing everything up, there's no way that Eddie could have been in that red and yellow streak on the night Nora died. And it's not like Cisco, Caitlin, or Iris were involved either.

The Flash continues to expand its roster of metahumans, and metahuman villains, every single week. It's completely plausible that while all signs point to Wells, he wasn't really the one to do the evil deed all those years ago. Seriously, has General Eiling been vetted at all? He could be behind something big and nasty like the death of Barry's mom. Eiling and Wells have also been on and off partners for the past few years, so let's not rule out that maybe Eiling is into time travel and tachyon prototypes. Probably not, but you never know.

This all circles back to the fact that we still don't have all the facts about The Flash just yet. The more and more obvious the show makes it that Wells is totally the guy who killed Nora, the less likely it becomes. The Flash is a really smart show and is cleverly weaving in all sorts of comic backstory. You didn't think they'd just plainly lay out all the facts and call it a day, do you? There's still more to learn about the night Nora died, we just don't know it yet. Wells better be thanking his lucky stars right now that he's still innocent — until proven guilty. Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy