13 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That Won't Disappoint (Or Make People Think You Totally Forgot)

As the calendar pages creep closer to Valentine's Day, a terrifying thought is running through many people's minds — I forgot to get a gift. With mere days (or, depending on when you read this, hours) left until February 14, men, women, and even children are rushing from store to store in hopes of finding the perfect last-minute Valentine's Day gift. And, unfortunately, the majority of these procrastinators will walk out empty handed.

Fortunately, if you are one of those people, then there's still some time to craft a thoughtful present for the special someone in your life. Because although we know gifts are not nearly as important as gestures when it comes to love, it's still important to show up with something on Valentine's Day.

From DIY creations to super simple purchases, here are the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for everyone on your list.

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by Leah Rocketto

For Your New Boyfriend

Bouquets aren’t just for girls. Gift the new guy in your life with an “arrangement” of his favorite libations. It’s a sweet and simple present that shows you care, without being too lovey dovey.

Image: Lauren Coleman/Instagram

For Your Long-Term Boyfriend

After your umpteenth Valentine’s Day, it’s challenging for couples to come up with new, creative gifts. Instead, put the money towards an experience like a weekend in the mountains or a trip to the islands.

For Your Best Friend

Between busy schedules and boyfriends, you can sometimes go weeks without seeing your BFF. Book a cooking class so you two can learn a new skill, spend time together, and, most importantly, eat!

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For Your Gal Pals

Every girl needs a little red to wear on February 14. These Cupid-inspired hair pins are the perfect trinket to give the ladies at your annual Galentine’s Day celebration.

Image and instructions: Her New Leaf

For Your Parents

You probably long for the days when a macaroni frame passed as a suitable present. That being said, a framed photo of mom and dad is sure to make their eyes water on Valentine’s Day.

For Your Brother

Nothing says, “I love you bro” like the password to your Netflix account. Though this may seem like a small gesture, it’s a very generous one.

For Your Sister

If she’s constantly complaining about dry skin (and who doesn’t during the winter), then this lemon scrub is the perfect present. And why not make some for yourself while you’re at it?

Image and instructions: Julie Blanner

For Your Boyfriend's Parents

They could be your in-laws some day, so it’s important to make a good impression. Treat them to dinner for two at their favorite restaurant. If you’re strapped for cash, make your boyfriend split the bill.

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For Your Fiancé

With all your money going towards the wedding, you two are probably on a Valentine’s Day budget. For a gift that’s sentimental and simple, make a memory book of all your moments as a couple. And don’t forget to leave a few pages at the end to fill with your wedding photos.

Image and instructions: A Beautiful Mess

For Your Husband

Has your hubby spent his winter in the man cave? Help him out of hibernation with tickets to see his favorite sports team. And if you don’t feel like rooting alongside him, tell him to bring a buddy instead.

For the Kids

Whether you have a few tots of your own or a bunch of nieces and nephews, your little ones will love these candy-coated sunglasses. As for the teens in your life, just slip them a crisp $20.

Image and instructions: Studio DIY

For Your Office Buddy

You couldn’t get through the 9 to 5 grind without her… and caffeine. Show your co-worker a little love with a DIY mug that’s filled with her favorite coffee or tea.

Image and instructions: A Beautiful Mess

For Your Crush

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. After all, it is the most platonic present around. But take it to the next level by making the box yourself and filling it with his favorite candies.

Image and instructions: Delia Creates