What's Your Craziest Condom Story? 9 Bustle Readers Share Their Adventures In Rubbers


It was with the initial AIDS scare of the 1980s that the big push to teach safe sex through the use of condoms came to be what it is today. Condoms had of course existed long before that, actually dating back as far as the 15th century, but with the AIDS epidemic came the need to really reinforce just how important condom use was. It was then, in the late '80s, that National Condom Day was born. This year, appropriately enough, National Condom Day falls on Valentine’s Day. National Condom Day hopes to bring the importance of condom use to new generations coming up, especially the ones who were not around to witness the terrifying effect the AIDS epidemic had on the world.

While condoms are an essential and serious part of sexual health that we advocate using, the fact remains that they can also be pretty entertaining and funny. From latex allergies to the mismanaging of used ones to the inevitable fact that occasionally they just get lost inside you, most sexually active people have an interesting condom story (or five) to tell. Bustle asked our readers to share their condom-related tales, and here’s what they had to say.

And remember — safe sex is great sex!

Sarah, 26

Steph, 23

Karyn, 31

Kayleigh, 23

Amber, 25

Jen, 31

Henry, 34

Kristen, 29

Jennifer, 25

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