What if Your Big Day Could be Guaranteed Rain-Free

Rappers are always talking about how they can "make it rain," but for the first time ever, we are hearing the opposite claim— a guarantee to make it NOT rain. A British travel company is promising a rain-free wedding day because it's 2015 and humans apparently are gods now. Oliver's Travels says it can provide all the equipment to ensure a rain-free wedding, including a plane, pilots, and a meteorologist. Using a carefully-plotted, three-week plan, the company does its utmost to make sure it won't rain on anyone's parade (pun definitely intended).

Apparently, Oliver's Travels uses silver iodide to do something called "seeding" the clouds. The silver iodide makes the water vapor in the clouds condense, produce rain, and then dissipate. The company guarantees that this will be a successful process, unless there's an actual hurricane or natural disaster that can't just be "dissipated" for a wedding day. It's so hard being human sometimes.

Oliver's Travels currently offers services in France and hopes to soon bring it to the UK. If you're considering getting married in France and would absolutely jump on the chance to have good weather guaranteed, though, you might want to slow down — these luxury wedding planners charge a hefty $150,000 for the service. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I certainly can't afford that with my art school degree. I guess I'll just have to resort to, you know, doing what people have been doing for all of eternity and leaving the weather up to chance. Or having an indoor wedding. Or waiting for the summer. Or all of the above.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy