Uma Thurman's New Look Isn't All That Weird — 11 Makeup Looks That Prove She's Always Gone Minimal

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If you haven't been on the Internet lately, then you might not have heard about Uma Thurman's "new" look. According to the Internet (a reliable source to be sure), Uma Thurman hit the red carpet looking a little different than her old self. However, when you glance over Thurman's past makeup looks, you'll realize that her "new" face is hardly "unrecognizable". In fact, it really doesn't look that much different at all — a little less eye makeup maybe, but it's the same Uma Thurman. Maybe if we all took a little trip down memory lane and fully examined how the actress normally does her makeup, we'll see that her transformation isn't really all that dramatic.

Through the years, Thurman has opted for simple, minimal makeup. A smokey eye here or there, but generally nothing dramatic. The actress rarely wears a bold lip — and perhaps that's why people think her most recent red carpet appearance made her look like an entirely different human being. Honestly, at the end of the day, what Uma Thurman does or does not do to her face is none of our business, anyway. Why should we care if she got oodles of plastic surgery or simply lathered on the foundation a bit too heavily? Maybe we should all just stop judging so harshly, eh? Wouldn't that be a novel idea.

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