Two Comedians Get Their Vaginas Steamed

In FunnyOrDie’s latest video, comedians Whitney Cummings and Sarah Tiana get their vaginas steamed. Vagina steaming, for those of use who aren’t regular GOOP readers, is a now-trendy practice based off an old Korean remedy called chai-yok . It’s said to help improve fertility, fight infections, and reduce stress. Gwyneth Paltrow describes it as an "energetic release." Ooooooook...

While most gynecologists seem to think vagina steaming is at best ineffective and at worst a way to get bacterial infections, there's still a good amount of people willing to try it out for themselves. Bustle’s own Gabrielle Moss tried an at-home version of vagina steaming and didn’t feel much of difference. But things might have been different if she’d visited a spa like Cummings and Tiana did.

I have no interest in steaming my vagina, and watching Cummings and Tiana go through the experience hasn’t made me change my mind. I'd be too worried about getting burned in all the wrong places, and I don't think vagina steaming would make any sort of difference for my nether regions, but hey, I’ve never done it before. If you’re on the fence about it, or just want to see what the process would even look like, watch the video below. Cummings and Tiana at least turn what could be a very awkward experience into an hilarious one.

Image: Funny Or Die Screengrab