Couple Transforms An Old School Bus Into A Home

Whoever said RV life has to be tacky or lame? Not these YouTube road trippers who converted a 1993 Ford school bus into a beautiful, self-contained mobile home. The couple responsible for the conversion have been living in the bus for four years, and the whole thing took only three months to renovate. (You'll be incredibly impressed once you see what they accomplished during that time.) The woman showing off the van, who is one half of the traveling duo, points to intelligent design features that most people, unacquainted with the particular needs of life on the road, never would have thought of, like floating laminate floors that move and shift with the van when it's in motion. I never even considered that was a component of mobile homes, but it makes perfect sense.

The road-loving couple are also environmentally conscious; They have solar power upgrades planned for their on-the-road home. What's really impressive, however, is how sleek and stylish the whole shebang is (because I'm not totally superficial or anything). I've been in mobile homes while traveling and they've never been quite so elegant and luxurious. This bus has open windows all the way around letting in the light—nothing like the dank, dark areas you normally associate with small, mobile living quarters. I mean, they're even putting in a FRENCH BUTCHERS BLOCK for crying out loud. Check out the work below:

I'm guessing Nancy Botwin would be looking pretty green with envy right now:

Images: Getty Images; Giphy