Mike's Definitely On The 'A'-Team Now

Oh, Mike Montgomery, we hardly knew you and apparently you've become Rosewood's biggest villain. I said this after last Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liarsbut I'll say it again now — does anyone else feel like it's kind of nuts that Aria's little brother is so important all of a sudden? After disappearing off and on for the past five seasons, NOW Mike is part of the 'A'-team? I'm just not buying it. On Tuesday night's episode of PLL , "Out, Damned Spot," Mike stole the liars' blood from Ashley Marin's blood drive and obviously gave it to 'A.' Which is just making this whole "Who is 'A?'" question even more important in Season 5b.

Basically, it's indisputable that Mike stole the blood from the blood drive. I mean, he was literally right there near where Aria, Hanna, and Spencer's blood was being stored. So, when it turned up later in the episode, in a photo message from 'A,' it was obvious that Mike had passed his little haul over to the criminal mastermind that's eluded our theories for years. Mike is working for 'A' and the evidence is all there now — especially after his meeting with Cyrus. Notice how I didn't say that Mike is 'A' because there's no effing way that Aria's little brother is the evil genius that's tormented the liars and me for the past five seasons of PLL. Mike might be terrifying, but he's definitely not capable of handling all of the things 'A' has pulled off.

Which leads us to an even more important realization — Alison really can't be 'A' anymore. As much as I want that theory to be true — mostly because Ali is a total sociopath — Mike is working for someone else. And that someone has access to the liars' blood now and, apparently, all of the items from Mona's final moments on Earth. So, why does this take Ali out of the running? Well, first of all, Ali is in prison, which means that she definitely doesn't have access to all of that major evidence of what really happened to Mona. And second, while I believe that Ali is a manipulative sociopath, I don't believe that she's that manipulative to get someone to frame three innocent people. It's just not possible.

This 'A' character is bigger than any of us PLL fans ever imagined and, to be quite honest, seeing Mike tread so closely to that open flame (even after Mona's death, considering how much he loved her) makes an even bigger case for Aria being 'A.' I mean, those Montgomery siblings have to stick together — in life and the death of their friends. It wouldn't surprise me for one second if Mike and Aria were tag-teaming this operation — it'd be PLL's creepiest twist to date.

Image: Pretty Little Liars/Facebook