Why Hasn't Kim K Washed Her Hair For 3 Days?

The Kardashian Beauty brand is getting quite a boost and it's actually one that will further stoke the fires of the "How often should you wash your hair?" debate that currently rages in the beauty industry. Kardashian Beauty is introducing styling products and tools to the range. And while the sisters' Sears fashion line has always left a bit to be desired, IMO, I can't help but admit that yes, I look forward to checking out their hair stuff — for a very specific reason.

At Tuesday's product launch, Kim K admitted that she hadn't washed her hair since Sunday night's Grammys because of the new products she is using. According to Allure, when Kim and Khloe debuted the new additions to their line earlier this week, Kim confessed that she didn't go to her main mane man to get her hair did for that particular occasion. She merely got the most out of her 'do from Sunday night's Grammy ceremony, which featured side-parted waves. So it wasn't next day hair. It was next next day hair!

Kim told Allure, "The [Take 2 Dry Shampoo] has been life changing. This is going on the third day or not washing my hair since the Grammys. I find that the more products I put in, the better it looks. I use a little bit of the Black Seed Oil as well. No matter what else I use, I always like a little bit on my ends."

Whoa! Really? Yep. That's insanely awesome. And while Kimmy is blessed with thick, lush (newly shorn) locks, she certainly relies on products. It's big news that she was able to extend a style for so many days due to her family's hair care line.

Even the packaging is Kardashian-esque, with black bottles and golden lettering, which mimic their dark hair and their sun-kissed skin.


I have often written about my need to wash every day or I look like I have a grease pit for hair and it's painfully obvs that I did not scrub my locks clean. So I cringe at the notion of going three days without a wash. But it's refreshing to hear that a high-maintenance, million-products girl like Kim Kardashian is backing a more streamlined routine.

That is certainly reason enough for me to try Kardsahian styling products. After all, those ladies do have some killer locks!

Images: Getty (2); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1)