Who Will Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 20? Casting Rumors From Housewives To Movie Stars — PHOTOS

Now that we know the pro dancers on Dancing With the Stars Season 20, we just have to find out which celebrities will compete on DWTS for its 10th anniversary. As always, the casting rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but it's fun to speculate who could be getting on the dance floor. From The Bachelor Chris Soules to a Disney star with a double Hough connection to the one and only Jack Nicholson, check out all the potential celeb contestants in the gallery.

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Roseanne Barr

On Jan. 27, Barr tweeted, “I am thinking about being on Dancing With the Stars because I’m a great dancer and I am getting old — who knows how long I can still do a backbend?”

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Ross Lynch

The token Disney star of Season 20 could be Julianne and Derek Hough’s cousin. He has had fun doing interviews on the show before, and there are rumors that they’re trying to get Lynch this season.

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Rob Gronkowski

After the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl win, Jimmy Kimmel offered him spot on Dancing With the Stars . “They’ve been trying to get me to go on Dancing With the Stars for a while, but I’ve been hurt a couple off-seasons,” Gronkowski said. “But this off season I’m healthy, so maybe it could be a choice.”

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Kennedy reportedly texted his daughter, Kick, the following — a screen shot that has been since removed from her Instagram: “I just got solicited to do a show called Dancing With the Stars. They will pay me $150,000 to commit and additional $350,000 if I make it into the semifinals in a televised dance contest. I know that some of you have seen me dance and I thought it advisable to consult you as I consider this offer.”

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Kenya Moore

“I’m an amazing dancer,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told the Sioux City Journal . “I was trained from the age of 6. I would absolutely do it and, yes, I would want to win. In everything I do, I play to win.”

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Anderson Silva

“I think the next goal in the United States is to go win Dancing With The Stars,” former UFC middleweight champion Silva told The Star Phoenix .

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Chris Soules

The Bachelor questioned, “At this point, why not?” to E! Online and said he’s open and willing to consider DWTS . “I think I need to do some yoga because watching those people and some of the stuff they do… I’m not a very flexible guy, so I am going to need to get limbered up if that’s going to happen!”

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Jack Nicholson

This one is probably bogus since it’s from the National Enquirer, but it would be amazing if it’s true. Here’s their report: “Producers are shocked Jack even bothered to respond — but it gets better! What he actually said was, ‘I love the show … I’ll think about it.’”

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