11 'Parks And Rec' Jokes Every Die-Hard Fan Knows

For fans who've been watching the series since way back in season 1, getting over the end of Parks and Recreation has been difficult. Not only have we had to cope with the news of our favorite show not getting renewed, but we've been forced to deal with NBC's decision to squeeze the episodes together, the knowledge that the cast's already moving on, and the sudden appearance — and then unexplainable loss — of Amy Poehler's amazing 2017 bangs. It's been a rough few months.

The only thing that's been a comfort during this painful time has been knowing that all of the past Parks and Rec episodes are available to watch online whenever we want, and in the past couple of months, "whenever" has equaled "every single day." Being able to re-watch the past seven seasons makes it a bit easier to deal with the show's impending finale, and it helps remind fans of all the things about Parks that we'll miss, from Leslie to Ron to the town of Pawnee itself. And oh, the comedy — throughout its seven-season run, the series produced some of the amazing inside jokes on TV. 11 jokes every die-hard Parks fans knows:

Eagleton is the Worst

Who would want to live in a town filled with thriving social activities, gorgeous hot springs, and a cupcake factory that makes the air smell like vanilla? No one, that's who, unless you're evil and/or Lord Voldemort. He was born there.

Breakfast Food > Everything

You're having an "important" business meeting without waffles? Good luck getting anything accomplished.

If You Need Something Done, Don't Ask Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gerry

The guy's a mess.

But He Has a Few Things Going for Him

Namely, a gorgeous wife and an extremely large... appendage.

All The Best People Have Secret Identities

Andy has Burt Macklin, FBI, Ron has Duke Silver... don't repeat that.

No Word is Funnier Than "Murinal"

Murinal. Murinal. Isn't it amazing?

'Lil Sebastian Was a National Treasure

And life will never be the same without him, that beautiful, joyous mini-horse. Hope he's loving that big horsey ring in the sky.

Never Date a Woman Named Tammy

Actually, a better rule: never even go near a woman named Tammy. They're all evil.

No Newscaster is Better Than Perd

You think anyone could just host Ya Heard? With Perd!, The Final Word With Perd, Lights, Camera Perd, and Are You There Perd-verts? It's Me Perd, Hosting a New Segment? and not even crack a sweat? Not even Joan Callamezzo is that good, and she's a professional.

Three Words: Ben Wyatt, Mayor

File Ice Town, teenage Ben's failed attempt at a winter sports complex, next to Ron Swanson's love of puppies and Leslie Knope's real birthplace under "things we don't talk about."

The Ideal Man Has the Brains of George Clooney and the Body of Joe Biden

Yes, that was said correctly. Why do you ask?

Images: NBC; Giphy; parksandrecgifs.com