What Did Blake & Ryan Really Name Their Daughter?

For a long time we were certain that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had named their daughter Violet. We were cool with that. It's an adorable name and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's oldest daughter is named Violet too, so it has that celebrity baby approval. Then, Reynolds revealed that this was not actually his daughter's name. Umm what? As a result, I became even more curious about the real moniker than I already was. Well, there's a new update. There are now rumors that Lively and Reynolds named their daughter James. I like it. It's a traditionally nontraditional name.

(Update: On Friday, March 20, Ryan Reynolds confirmed his daughter's name is James Reynolds in an interview with Today.)

Choosing to name a girl "James" is not a shock considering that both "Blake" and "Ryan" are names that can be considered gender neutral, and I think this is a great tradition to uphold. Choosing this name for a little girl helps break down stereotypical gender assumptions when it comes to naming. When it comes down to it, a name should just be something that resonates with the parents, and they should not have to comply with societal naming norms.

By choosing the name that they love for their daughter, even if it's not commonly a girl's name, Lively and Reynolds are setting a great example for other parents who might feel that they have to do what is expected from society. I hope that they continue this tradition of being nontraditional and that other parents are open to the same idea.

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