These Guys in the AT&T Ads Are Hilarious

If you are reading this, it can only mean one thing: After of seeing the ad campaign at least once a commercial break for the past year, you finally broke. You needed to know the answer to the following question: Who plays the AT&T Network Experts in all of those AT&T commercials? Two actors portray the bespectacled gentleman spreading the word about “The Nation’s Most Reliable 4G LTE Network": Charlie, the Expert with the inquiry regarding pepper spray and burritos, is played by actor Karan Soni; Frank, the Expert with the beard, is played by voiceover actor Jim Conroy.

Where might you have seen/heard either of these actors before? Soni’s appeared in a ton o' TV shows and movies, including 2012 indie sci-fi flick Safety Not Guaranteed. Conroy’s lent his voice to a ton o' video games, movies, and television shows, including MTV claymation series Celebrity Deathmatch.

If Celebrity Deathmatch meant as much to you back in the day as it meant to me back in the day, I’m sure you're ITCHIN' to know who Conroy was. IMDB says "Various Celebrities" (thanks for keepin' it vague, IMDB), and Wikipedia tells me he was the voice of that popcorn vendor who was killed over and over again. AWESOME. LOVE IT.

This leaves me with one question: Did the Celebrity Deathmatch popcorn guy ever put pepper spray on the popcorn? I like popcorn peppery, but not, like, HNNNNGHHH peppery.

Image: AT&T/YouTube