Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis Break Up, Are Shattered Like Broken Glass, According to Instagram


Less than a week after announcing his split from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs is undergoing another, more personal breakup. People, it's Instagram official: Jacobs is no longer dating Harry Louis, the 24-year-old Brazilian former porn star. (Somewhere, somehow, Madonna's ears just perked up.)

Louis took to Instagram to announce the breakup with this intense picture:

Whether that's an actual pane of broken glass, or a new Instagram filter we haven't yet heard of, the effect is dramatic. So dramatic, in fact, that it makes us question whether the breakup was as amicable as Harry's caption makes it seem:

We don't normally follow news of a breakup with four exclamation points, but then again, we're not Harry Louis.

Out of great change comes great growth, or something like that, so hopefully these two high-profile breakups will catapult Marc into an era of increased happiness and creativity. Marc, we love you, and will happily be your date at any upcoming galas, runway shows, or emotionally-restorative retreats to Dolce & Gabbana's Italian villa that you need to attend. Keep ya head up.

Image: @HARRY_LOUIS/Instagram