Here's Why 'Johnny Karate' Should Be A Real Show

When shows have spinoffs, very rarely are they as warmly received as the original. The idea of a spinoff is great — because who doesn't want more of their favorite characters, from their favorite shows — but people quickly realize that nothing can live up to their "bae" TV show. That was until the creation of the Johnny Karate TV show on Parks and Recreation . Although Johnny Karate is a fictional show (within a show), I think we can all agree that Chris Pratt's persona of Johnny Karate deserves to be made into a real TV series.

First of all, who in their right mind would complain about more Chris Pratt in their lives? Seriously, tell me their names and addresses so I can talk some sense into them. Aside from the amazing Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer is one of the best characters on Parks and Rec, and even though Pratt is a famous movie star/superhero now, his quirky — often aloof — character on the show is one of his best roles yet. And because he is so great, and because Parks and Rec is heading off the air this season, we need to find another outlet to get our Andy fix. Here's why Johnny Karate should be a real show.

It's A Musical

Glee's out, Johnny Karate is in. We know that Andy has a voice of an angel (see: "5000 Candles in the Wind" by MouseRat), so why wouldn't we want to hear more of that voice all the time?

Garry/Jerry/Larry/Barry Also Stars

As Barry, of course. And while I'm really pushing for Andy to have a booming TV career, I can't help but really wish the same for Barry. The guy really deserves it.

And Is Still Being Barry

Despite being a guest star on the show, Barry still gets the grunt of the work, being attacked by kid ninjas. At least they're kid ninjas, right?

Andy Dwyer Makes For A Hot Ninja

He's got that Guardians of the Galaxy body, covered in white cloth. What isn't hot about that?

It Focuses On Serious Issues

When you're entertaining the future generation, you can't just sing about silly stuff, you've got to be able to take on serious issues (bullying, peer pressure, and holding in farts). These are our future leaders we're talking about.

There Are Puppies

Andy Dwyer + puppies = something we CANNOT be robbed of. Make it happen, NBC.

Images: Colleen Hayes/NBC; Holden-Caulfieldings (4), Sonia-KnopeWyatt, Parangarico/Tumblr