3 Reasons I Want An Elizabeth and James Boutique

New Yorkers are about to add yet another bullet point to the list of reasons why their city is the best city: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's upscale line The Row will open its NYC flagship store in an uptown townhouse, built in 1910 and located at 17 East 71st Street in the Big Apple. Talk about a classy location!

The Row, which offers super expensive yet truly beautiful pieces, has a store on Melrose in Los Angeles and the sisters chose a Left Coast outpost first simply because the space opened up. They had been entertaining the idea of an NYC store at that time, as well (because duh). According to WWD, the new store should open by the end of the year, with Ash noting that she and her twin have been looking at this piece of property for two years.

Despite their star turn as child actresses, The Row managed to firmly establish M-K and A as serious fashion designers. Celebs wear it. Cameron Diaz in the long-sleeved leather mini is one of my fave The Row looks ever. If I had $3500 to throw down on an LBD, this would be "the one." But I don't so I am left to gawk. Hang on a sec. I have to grab a towel to mop up my drool over the Cam LBD, which you can see below.

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Okay, I'm back. So yeah, most of us can't afford to shop The Row. But... it's the Olsen Twins' contempo line Elizabeth and James, named after their sister (yes, the actress) and brother, that really has my heart. Whenever I look at pieces at Nordstrom, I always find that I gravitate towards Elizabeth and James stuff on sight alone, not by label. Clearly, our attraction is magnetic.

And I grabbed a haul at last year's spring and fall sample sales, including amazing cat eye reading glasses for $35. They are my most faves and I took them to LensCrafters, had my prescription popped in, and I was good to go. See 'em below. I was hungover and the glasses upped my fashion game on a sleepy, morning breakfast trip with my BFFs.

Here are three key reasons I'd beg the Sisters Olsen to open up an Elizabeth and James boutique.

1. I Want To Shop There

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Selfish, I know. I want to try on pieces and to look at everything under one roof. I wasn't sold on their bag range initially, which shocked me, because I expected to adore it. Maybe with all accessories and apparel in one location, it'd be easier to pair things up as intended?

2. It Could Further Expand And Extend The Brand

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It really is the most chic contempo line there is and it's not terribly expensive. It's not cheap or even super affordable by any means, but if you have an occasion or just want to splurge, since you deserve it, this is how you do it.

3. Less Distractions, More Knowledge

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I get distracted by the bright lights, sounds, and other brands in a department store. A dedicated outpost with employees with deep knowledge of the range would be so, so preferred.

See, all the reasons M-K and Ashley need to do an Elizabeth and James boutique... and on the East Coast, too, since I live there!

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