'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Vs. 'Twilight'

It's common knowledge at this point, that E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey began as Twilight fan-fiction. The location, Washington state, is the same, the characters are involved in a romance where there's a constant back-and-forth over who's in control, and the dude in both relationships has this nonconventional thing that defines him (vampirism, BDSM). The difference though, is that Fifty Shades of Grey involves a hell of a lot more sex and a hell of a lot less werewolves. OK, there's other differences too, but those, obviously, are the main things. So, when it comes to the Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight movie adaptations, it's interesting to see where the overlaps from the source material played out onscreen. After seeing the newly released Fifty Shades, I can say that there a quite a few instances where the films aren't just similar in content, but look similar, as well.

To start, let's get a few basics out of the way. Fifty Shades' Anastastia Steele and Christian Grey match up with Twilight's Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Ana and Bella are both naive yet adventurous, and unexperienced with romantic and sexual relationships while both being people who fall in love quickly. As for Christian and Edward, they're both unwilling to devote themselves to the women who love them because of their unique traits — being into BDSM and being a literal vampire, respectively. Yep, BDSM represents vampirism in this fan-fic spin-off.

So, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Here are 11 instances where Fifty Shades of Grey was just like the first Twilight movie.


In Twilight, Bella's parents are divorced and her mom lives with her new husband, a baseball player, in warm and sunny Phoenix. In Fifty Shades, Ana's parents are divorced and her mother and her new husband, live in Georgia. When Ana goes to visit them, we get a scene of her chilling at a country club, drinking cosmos, but being secretly worried about her relationship with Christian. (I know, the photo of Bella and her mother is not from the first film, but the whole "mom makes me happy, but I'm hiding a vampire/BDSM secret" thing stands.)

Secondary Dudes

Ana has a friend in the movie, Jose, who seems well-adjusted and likes photography. He, I think, is supposed to be similar to Mike from Twilight, but then again, there's Ana's coworker at the hardware store who also is a little flirty with her, so maybe he's Mike. Is Jose supposed to be Jacob then? It doesn't quite line up. Ana doesn't have anyone actively trying to hold her back from being with Christian the way Jacob does with Bella in regards to Edward. (Is her freedom holding her back? Is Jacob represented by her freedom?!) Regardless, all of these guys — Jacob, Jose, Mike — are there to make Christian and Edward jealous, because while they won't commit fully to what the ladies need, they'll still get totally jealous and overbearing in their protectiveness. Yay men?

Car Accidents

Edward saves Bella from being hit by a car by blocking the force of the car with his body. Christian pulls Ana back onto the sidewalk when she accidentally walks into oncoming traffic. There's an obvious winner in this case!

Cars In General

Both Edward and Christian are super into expensive cars and they both have a fleet of them waiting in their garage.

More Cars!!

Both Bella and Ana drive beat up, yet super cool old cars. Bella has a pickup truck, while Ana has a vintage VW Beetle.


Edward and Christian both play piano in order to release their inner demons. Or something.

Everything Has A Blue Icy Tinge

Is that just how Washington looks?

Lip Biting

So. Much. Lip biting.

Large Expansive Homes

The Cullens and the Greys are both loaded. Christian lives alone (well, unless a submissive is staying with him), yet he has so much space that his "red room of pain" is the size of my entire apartment. As for the Cullens, they don't even sleep, yet they live in a modern looking mansion.

Intimidating Family Dinners

Sure, the Greys might be less intimidating than a group of vampires, some of whom still have trouble controlling their thirst for blood, but they are intimidating in their own, rich business people, sort of way.


As you surely know, Twilight includes a scene where Edward puts Bella on his back and jumps from tree to tree so she can... experience the thrills of vampirism..? Yeah, that. He even says, "You better hold on tight spider monkey." Fifty Shades' equivalent of this is the scene where Ana and Christian are in the glider plane, and I've gotta say, the glider plane scene was FAR less cringe-worthy.

Quick! Someone go dub Twilight dialogue over Fifty Shades of Grey footage. I'm telling you, it will match up perfectly.

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