Mike Might Not Be A Bad Guy On 'PLL'

Oh, Mike Montgomery. You disappear for what seems like seasons at a time, only to return and make us question absolutely everything about you. (Who are you, Lucas?) Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars titled (the very Macbeth -y) "Out Damned Spot" proved that Aria's brother was more involved in the A's game than we ever realized. After stealing Aria, Spencer, and Hanna's blood from the blood drive (note to the liars: maybe donate your time to charity instead of your bodily fluids when you're on the verge of being framed for murder) it appeared that Mike passed off the evidence to Cyrus, better known as Ali's fake kidnapper. The evidence made its way to A, and it looks like Mike made it happen. Why would Mike help Ali (or A, if they are, as it seems, different people) frame his sister and her friends for the murder of his girlfriend? Here's my PLL theory: Mike is doing it so he can be reunited with Mona.

We know from the season opener that Mike didn't consider Mona's mother's service a "real funeral" because there was no body. Ezra even mused that it didn't seem like Mike really thought that Mona was gone. What if Mike doesn't think that Mona's really dead, and instead believes that Ali is holding Mona somewhere until she gets out of jail? It would be enough for him to want to get Ali out of prison so she could lead him to Mona. And if he does think that Mona is really dead — and believes that Ali is the one who did it or knows who did — he could be helping Ali in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Mona's body. Is that enough of a reason to send his innocent sister and her friends to jail? No, of course not — but it would mean that he's gone over to the A side for a legitimate reason and not just because Mike was secretly evil this whole time.

Of course, that's not the only explanation for Mike's shady behavior. Here are some other theories about Mike — and not all are as optimistic about his motives.

Mike Is Trying To Protect The Girls.

We didn't see what Mike handed off to Cyrus — it might not have been the blood samples that we saw him take from the lab. Perhaps Mike knew that the girls would donate blood and that A was going to come after them — he could have stolen the blood to help protect the girls and somehow, A got his (or her!) hands on them instead. He could have met with Cyrus to ask him for help taking Ali down — after all, Cyrus and Ali weren't exactly best buddies when they last spoke.

Mike's Been On The A Team This Entire Time

This one's sad, but it's a total possibility. We know that Mike has a troubled past — he stole from Jenna, attacked a guy (on Aria's behalf, but still), and was a generally unhappy kid for quite sometime. It doesn't help that his parents recently split up or that his mother moved to Europe with a guy who ended up being a total creeper. If Mike was on the A team, he could have joined back when Mona was recruiting, and went rogue after she ceased operations — something that Mona had no idea about. Mike might not be Uber A in this scenario, but he very well could know who Uber A really is — and he could be working for them.

Mike Killed Mona

We know that Mike and Mona got into some sort of argument the day before she was attacked, and we have no idea where Mike was at that time of the day. He could be framing the girls for murder so that he doesn't go down for the crime. It would make sense: Mike might be visiting Ali in prison to ask for her assistance in covering up his involvement.

Mike Is Following Mona's Final Wishes

We know that Mona has given the girls clues about her killer from beyond the grave, but what if she also gave clues for Mike to find? It would make sense why Mike freaked out about Lesli taking the book from Mona's room — he could have known that Mona hid something in the book that she wanted him to see. Talking to Cyrus could have been another part of Mona's plan, and Mike was simply following through with his dead girlfriend's orders.

So, is Mike a good guy or not? I'm leaning towards the former, though given that this is Pretty Little Liars, I know to expect the unexpected.

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