10 Ways To Use All That Leftover Halloween Candy

While you may be under the impression that candy corn eaten by the handful makes for an adequate meal replacement, we want you to keep in mind that there are other uses for the Halloween leftovers crowding your cabinets (and no, we don't recommend injecting the sugar directly into your veins). Here are 10 recipes for your extra candy.

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by Samantha Jaffe

Deep Fried Candy Bars (Yes, I'm Serious)

For the ambitious folks out there, this recipe, from the cookbook On a Stick!, looks fattening, incredible, and probably hard to make.

A Magical Combination of Banana Bread (healthy-ish) and Twix (decidedly not)

From Inside BruCrew Life, this recipe combines candy with a go-to baking staple: banana bread.

Candy-Filled Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Compliments of Something Swanky, these guys look pretty amazing. What makes them even better? The author swears that you can make them with one bowl and one fork.

Candy-Corn "Autumn" Bark

Josie Jones Halloween-izes peppermint bark by turning it into, you guessed it, Autumn bark.

Reese's Peanut Butter Dip

This recipe comes from What’s Cooking Love, and it’s above and beyond.

Puppy Chow: Halloween Edition

For those who aren’t a) from the Midwest or b) blessed with friends that are, you may not know the glory that is Puppy Chow. In essence, Puppy Chow is calories on calories. At its most basic, it is cereal coated in melted chocolate, mixed with peanut butter, and dusted with powdered sugar. This Halloween version from Your Cup of Cake may or may not blow your mind.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies

This recipe comes from Happy-Go-Lucky Blog. The cookies look, in a word, scrumptious. And, if we believe the writer, they’re easy to make.

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A Milkshake To Bring All the Boys to Your Yard

Brought to us by Spook Fork Bacon. Snickers + Milkshake = no more needs to be said, amiright? The recipe looks easy, and particularly perfect for those of us enjoying a balmy Halloween season.

Eye-Ball Cookies

From the HERSHEY’s website, this recipe uses Malt Balls and Reese’s Pieces to make some adorable-but-kinda-gross Halloween-themed cookies.

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Martha Stewart's "Invisible" Pops

Finally, from Queen Martha herself, comes the fanciest of the Halloween-candy treats: Invisible Pops. Let your leftover candy float in sugary space and impress anyone and everyone with your domestic skills.

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