16 Clever Laundry Hacks And Tricks You Need

Laundry is one of those chores that no one likes doing, but everyone has to do... a lot. If you want to regularly have clean underwear or clothes without spending a ton of money on an extensive wardrobe, you have to do laundry at least a few times a week.

It's not even just the simple task of doing laundry that's annoying — it's all of the information and stuff you need to keep in mind. If you could just grab a pile of clothes, throw them in the washing machine, turn it on and leave, life (and laundry) would be a whole lot easier. But you can't. You can't, because almost every item of clothing you own requires a different kind of attention. You have to remember to carefully separate your whites. You have to pay attention to what's going in the dryer so that you don't accidentally shrink your favorite shirt. You have to read labels and in the end, hope that you didn't just completely mess everything up. It's kind of exhausting.

Luckily, we have the Internet now, and the Internet loves hacks. You can complain about the phrase all you want, but if these hacks will make my laundry time better and less confusing, then hey — I'm so down. I'm assuming you are too, because who doesn't want to simplify a chore? These 16 laundry hacks will make cleaning your clothes a million times easier. Thank me later.

1. Make your own Febreze instead of buying it

Mix 1/8 cup of fabric softener with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and some hot tap water. Put it into a spray bottle, and you're good to go.

2. Help remove sweat stains before throwing your clothes in the washing machine

Just spray them with a little lemon juice first.

3. Instead of spending money on dryer sheets, use aluminum foil

Scrunch it up into a ball, and throw it in there. It works just as well, includes no chemicals, and is better for the environment.

4. If you accidentally shrink your clothes, try to un-shrink them

Soak your garment in water and 3 tablespoons of conditioner for five minutes, lay it out on a towel, and carefully stretch it back to its original size.

5. Use salt to make sure the dye doesn't run from your new jeans

Just add a tablespoon of salt to the washing machine when washing your jeans.

6. Get rid of grease stains for good with chalk

Cover the grease stain with chalk, and let it soak up the oils.

7. You can also get rid of oil stains with baby powder

Cover the stain with baby powder, and let it sit as the powder soaks up the oil.

8. Instead of using bleach on your white clothes, use baking soda

Baking soda won't ruin your clothes like bleach could. Use one or 1/2 cup per load.

9. Use a towel to make clothes dry faster

It absorbs the water!

10. Save time on ironing with a wrinkle spray

Mix one part fabric softener with 10 parts water. Check out this tutorial.

11. Create a board or list with all of the clothes you cannot put in the dryer

Keep it handy by your washing machine, or in your wallet.

12. If you need something to dry faster but can't put it in the dryer, use a salad spinner

Stick it in there and spin it as fast as you can to get excess water out. Then hang it up to finish drying.

13. Wash your dark clothes inside out to try to prevent fading

So simple. So brilliant.

14. Lay sweaters flat to dry instead of hanging them

Hanging them can make them stretch, or create those weird marks on the shoulders.

15. Stick jeans in the freezer for a while to get rid of smells instead of washing them

You shouldn't wash your jeans every day!

16. Remember what every symbol means with this printable sheet

Keep it close.

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