You'll Never Guess What Rihanna's Dress Is Made Of

REMAIN CALM, EVERYONE!! It would appear that Rihanna has repurposed packing materials into clothing. At the opening of Fendi's New York flagship store, Rihanna wore a bubble wrap dress, or what at least LOOKS to be one. First the diamond sheath, then the cupcake dress, now this. She is officially the queen of absurd fashion.

Rih-o Janeiro attended the swanky Big Apple fashion event in a slipdress that appears at first glance to be made out of some sort of exotic skin. However, upon closer examination, I'm 99 percent sure that this frock is made from bubble wrap. Meaning that every moment at which Rihanna became mildly bored at this party, she had a built in activity in the form of bubble popping. Also, can we talk momentarily about the deliberate tear in her strap? It's very reminiscent of bra straps falling off of your shoulder. That phenomenon reminds me of every sloppy walk of shame I've ever done. Somehow, Rihanna makes it look elegant and sultry.

My initial reaction to this was admittedly to roll my eyes. It feels like Mugatu's Derelicte collection has come to life in a hilariously prophetic way. But the more I think about this dress, the more it grows on me.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

AND THEN, she put a COAT ON!!

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let that me a reminder to us all. Rihanna can literally wear garbage and still look stunning.

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