10 Popcorn Recipes Your Oscar Party Needs, Because Plain Buttered Kernels Simply Won't Do

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Just because the Academy Awards are fancy and expensive doesn't mean your at-home festivities need to be. Your living room viewing party can be totally sparkly and impressive (or just sweatpants casual with tasty snacks) no matter what your budget looks like — and amazing, Oscar-worthy popcorn is just the ticket to fulfilling all of your snacking needs. Sweet and salty, spicy and sour, full on dessert style or totally classic, you'll be good to go no matter which route you choose. These options offer something for everyone.

It's easy to write popcorn off as an over-buttered salty indulgence reserved for movie theaters, but it's actually a super easy cupboard staple that can be dressed up in a million different ways. From 30-second tricks to more elaborate concoctions, popcorn is begging for a spot at your Oscar viewing party.

If you're feeling super dedicated to the event, you can also make some sparkly bags like I did. The blank little paper bags are available at most craft stores, and a little metallic paint or stamps can up your game in minutes.

Image: Jenna Wexler

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