Cute And Simple Ways To Organize Your Hair Ties

by Miki Hayes

If there are two things in life that continuously go unexplainably missing, it's bobby pins and hair ties. It's bad enough when the washing machine randomly eats a sock here and there, but when you have 50 hair ties one day and only two the next, you know there's a problem. If only there were a way to know where they all went... But if finding lost hair ties proves too difficult (or just consumes more time than you're willing to spend), maybe the best course of action is just to have a solid way to organize hair ties that prevents them from getting up and wandering away in the first place.

And so storage doesn't have to be throwing everything into a drawer or going out and buying something (why are organization pieces always so expensive??), I've gathered a few ways to keep all of your hair ties together with items you probably already have around the house. So put your hair ties in their place (and make sure they stay there) with these five simple yet effective storage options. And here's hoping you won't have to go out and buy more hair ties for at least another couple of months.

1. On A Carabiner

Simply hook all of your hair ties on a carabiner to keep them all in one place. And because they're all clipped together, you can even hang the carabiner somewhere convenient where you won't misplace it like a towel rack.

2. On/In An Empty Candle

If you have any burned-out candles lying around, depot them and repurpose the jars. A tea-candle jar is perfect for wrapping hair ties around and even keeping bobby pins in (dual purpose!), while a small-candle jar will perfectly hold all of your elastics.

3. On A Necklace Chain

If you have an extra necklace chain, or just a necklace you don't wear too often, hang all of your hair ties on it. Then you can simply hang it or store it with the rest of your necklaces so you always know where your accessories, both body and hair, are located.

4. On A Bottle Neck

If you have a decoration bottle, or at least a bottle you don't intend to drink from any time soon, simply hang all of your hair ties around the neck. Bonus? When you're bored, this provides an excellent make-shift game of Horseshoes.

5. On A Shower Curtain Hook

Similar to a carabiner, shower curtain hooks also make great hair-tie holders. You can even have a little fun with these and color coordinate hair ties with the hooks they're on. And for a super-obvious storage location? Just hook them around your shower curtain rod. Done.

Images: sanneberg/Fotolia; Miki Hayes (6)