Paris Hilton's "Good Time" Video Is About 10 Years Late to the Party, But It's Still Pretty Fun

Looking to jumpstart your day with a little bikini and a lot of auto-tune? After months of teasing the project, Paris Hilton's "Good Time" video is finally here. The heiress and former famous-person has teamed up with Lil Wayne and his label Young Money Cash Money Billionaire to put out a track about, you know, having a good time, and the video has everything you hoped it would. Paris parties poolside, poppin' bottles while she does her best pouty face when "singing" such moody lyrics as, "Good times are here, and you know they're here." D'okay, Paris, if you say so.

What you didn't know, though, was that you were actually going to enjoy the shit out of this video. It's kind of so bad it's good, and it'll make you yearn for the simpler days in the early 2000s when it was still cool to aspire to be famous for doing absolutely nothing. "Good Time" the music video is like a time capsule, and who doesn't enjoy a bit of nostalgia every now and again? I mean, the rap lyrics say "more money, more problems," for crying out loud.

Clearly, the early aughts were Paris Hilton's heyday, so it makes sense that she's still a bit caught up in what was cool 10 years ago. While the video may be in earnest, we can certainly enjoy it for its (mostly unintentional) throwback nature.

"Good Time" is definitely a decade late to the party, but its also about five months late, as well: This song reeks of a summer anthem. Releasing it in October seems a bit odd. But that's Paris for ya — why be 10 years late, when you can be ten years and five months late? It's fashionable tardiness at its worse, slash best.

Enjoy Paris Hilton's "Good Time" video featuring Lil Wayne... and the year 2003.