Britt Has a Point About 'The Bachelor'

Sunday was a dramatic day for The Bachelor, and for one early frontrunner in particular. Britt confronted Chris Soules in front of Carly and Kaitlyn after he gave the group date rose to Kaitlyn. Britt was offended that Chris was choosing to validate Kaitlyn's feelings rather than her own, when he knew how much home town dates meant to her. And as awkward as it was that she hashed this out in front of the other women, she kind of has a point.

Carly seems to think that Britt dug herself a hole she can't get out of, but I feel like she was justified in asking about Chris' level of commitment. I think what everyone seems to forget is that The Bachelor is actually a two-way street. It's just as important for Britt to want to take Chris home as it is for him to want to go. For Britt, having him meet her father is a big deal, and not something she necessarily wants to do if Chris isn't 100 percent sure she's the one.

I get that the point of the show is that there's multiple women, but that has to be hard as it gets later in the season. Real feelings are developing and things are getting serious. So Britt is totally right in wanting Chris to be committed to her, and being annoyed that Kaitlyn received the rose ahead of her. Britt complained that she opened up about how she could see herself being Chris' wife and starting a life in his (really small, dead) town. But his response to her confession was to reward Kaitlyn.

"I don't want my husband to think of me third, fourth, fifth down the line," she told him. "I don't know if I want to bring someone home to meet my family who thinks giving validation to someone else is more important than giving it to me."

Sure, that sounds a little selfish. But this is her life and her potential future. She does have to advocate for herself. And if she's feeling weird about his level of commitment, this might not be the time for her continue this journey. Britt seems pretty conflicted about staying even saying, "I don't know if this is how I should feel before I take a man to meet my father."

I don't blame her one bit. It has to be hard to see the man you're dating care about other women ahead of you. I couldn't do it. I don't know if Britt was right to confront Chris in front of the other women, but she has a right to know where he stands. After all, her feelings matter even if she's not the one in charge of the roses. This isn't just his life, it's hers too, and Chris needs to remember that.

Images: Lewis Jacobs, Rick Rowell/ABC