Kanye Stole "Wayne's World" Without Going On Stage

Whether he is completely aloof to the teasing, or he's in on the joke, I hope Kanye West never changes. On SNL 40 , West got a lot of screen time during the reunion of "Wayne's World" for being, well, Kanye. The men of "Wayne's World" spent their show going over the top 10 things about SNL, and luckily, Kanye got to play along with them, with some terrifying contacts in his eyes. He's such a goofball!

The top 10 list for SNL had a lot of heartwarming moments in it, like the honest acknowledgment of all the hard work that the crew puts into the show. There were also some great moments for SNL to poke fun at 'Ye's recent behavior. Number 6 on the list was "musical guests," where Wayne and Garth went through a mental list of some of the great performers who have performed on the late-night show. Among that list was, of course, Beyonce and Beck... with Garth even suggesting that Beck was better than Beyonce. FIGHTING WORDS, GARTH. The next list item was, of course, "Kanye, sit down," because you know that if someone disses Beyonce, Kanye is going to be the first person to fight the hate.

Aside from Kanye being Kanye, you might have also noticed that Yeezus had some crazy contacts in during the "Wayne's World" sketch, which he apparently never took out after his big SNL 40 performance. No word on why he decided to pop those puppies in to begin with, but here are a few theories.

  • They're part of his collection with Adidas.
  • They block out the haters.
  • He's auditioning for Cats on Broadway later tonight.
  • It's part of his artistic journey.

Whatever it may be, you keep doin' you Kanye. Watch the full sketch, crazy eyes and all, below.