Paris Hilton's "Good Time" Music Video: The 9 Most Ridiculous Screenshots

Paris Hilton, everyone's favorite rich girl that likes to sleep on pillows with her face on them, premiered the music video for her new song "Good Time" on Rolling Stone today and she seems to have taken a page out of Miley Cyrus' playbook. The former Simple Life star (and, let's face it, former celebrity) teamed up with everyone's favorite sizurp sipper, Lil Wayne, to make a video that we will love to hate, hate-watch, or just love (I really can't decide just yet) for at least the rest of the day. The video for the new single features shots of an epic pool party (Remind you of Cyrus' "We Can't Stop"?) complete with a gigantic robot peppered in between the standard Paris Hilton glamour shots that we've grown to love. (Or grown to forget? It's been so long... )

Sound ridiculous? Well, "Good Time" is very, very ridiculous. Which is why we decided to cull the most ridiculous screenshots from her "Good TIme" music video for your (or, really, our) enjoyment.

If nothing else, Hilton's "Good Time" music video will make your Tuesday a little bit better than it was projected to be. Now just try to get the song (and these subsequent images) out of your head:

Paris loves animals, even blow-up ones and especially this giraffe. And yes, that's a guitar player on a trampoline.

Apparently Paris is not a practiced yogi. That's a terrible Child's Pose, girl.

It's a pool party at Paris'. This actually looks more fun than Miley's party, sorry.

Partying in a bubble chair, which we all have by our pools, right? Throw your hands up for the best party ever.

Voldemort is in the house, guys. He Who Must Not Be Named just wants to party.

Paris at her rave/pool party dancing with a Transformer with a hand-held smoke machine.

There he is. You rock that Miley Cyrus tongue action, Weezy. YMCMB.


This product plug for Birdman's Grand Touring Vodka (GTV). The perfect drink for a Paris party since its slogan is "No Regrets - Never Ends".


"Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams...I'm coming clean."/"Feel the rain on your skin...The rest is still unwritten."

You know you missed her. And if you don't like this video or if you're speechless because you're overwhelmed with nostalgia for Paris, here's some age-old advice from the heiress herself in her heyday.