Baby Burrito Blanket Costumes Finally Exist

I really only have responsibility over myself and my cat. Speaking from that experience alone, I know the sheer joy I get from dressing him in a little bow tie, which never fails to effectively racks up those Instagram likes. I imagine a large part of the fun of the parenthood comes from dressing your tiny human in ridiculous outfits before they're old enough to protest. Holidays make for an especially exciting opportunity to dress your (perhaps newborn) baby in festive fashions. And since swaddling is a pretty popular way to prepare babies for sleep anyway, why not add a little comedy to the practice?

Etsy shop AwesomeSauceDesigns understands this parental urge and, accordingly, designed these darling burrito baby blankets. It also makes a lot of sense to combine sleeping with burritos, considering the intense nap craving most of us experience post-burrito gorge. Does guac secretly contain tryptophan? I kinda feel like it must. Regardless of the intended physical effects of these teensy delicious-looking blankets, at least the babies pictured in them look precious and fairly blissed-out. I am pretty jealous, tbh. I mean...

Serenity and breakfast burritos now, amirite? Those bacon antennae are insane. Also:

That is one mad chill infant.

Images: AwesomeSauceDesigns/Etsy (2)