Babies Make the Best Stocking Stuffers Ever

It usually isn't too hard for Santa to find cheap stocking stuffers this time of year. I'm guessing with a little help from Santa's friend CVS, your morning started with candy or knick-knacks or that toothbrush he just can't help sneaking in every year. But undeniably, the recipients of the best stocking stuffer this year are the lucky parents who are taking their newborn babies home in Christmas stockings. The nurses of the Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh have a longstanding tradition of sending home all of the babies born on Christmas day in bright red newborn blankets shaped like stockings and little hats. This is amazing mostly because it's adorable, but also because those babies will probably need the extra holiday cheer to take the edge off the fact that everybody's going to celebrate some other dude's birthday on theirs for the rest of their lives.

But despite the occasional hardship of having a birthday in December, I think we can all agree that Christmas babies are the best gift any parent can receive. We all have That Friend Who Was Born On Christmas, and everyone knows that when you're born that festive you tend to stay bright and shiny for life. Plus, who doesn't love a Christmas themed birthday party? (Just ask Taylor Swift.)

So future parents of the world, take note: Get busy sometime in March, have some stern talks with your/your partner's uterus, and then move to Pittsburgh so that you too can have a shot at bringing your bundle of joy home in a Christmas stocking. Believe me, when you see just how perfectly their tiny, brand new human limbs fit into these stocking blankets, you won't be able to resist:

Image: thefemaleboook/Twitter